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Built With Hand-Written HTML/CSS

This site relies on the work of multimedia artist Paloma Kop, who has generously released her web site code under a Creative Commons license. Depending on when you visit this site, it may look virtually identical to Paloma's or it may have deviated away from that style as my own competence with HTML/CSS has grown.

This is the fifth iteration of my web site and I wanted to go back-to-basics. In the past, I've used a variety of software, including Squarespace, Indexhibit, Wordpress, Yellow and Berta, but these relied on any combination of subscription fees, backend databases and/or php, and heavy reliance on developers to solve technical problems. Some of the solutions were overkill for an artist's modest website, full of bloated javascript and features intended to solve problems I did not have.

This site has no tracking of any kind. I will never know how many visits it has had, where you have come from or what browser you use. I do not need or want to know any of that.