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  1. Non-place

    A study of the car parks near my office

    Non-place or nonplace is a neologism coined by the French anthropologist Marc Augé to refer to anthropological spaces of transience where human beings remain anonymous, and that do not hold enough significance to be regarded as "places" in their anthropological definition. Examples of non-places would be motorways, hotel rooms, airports and shopping malls. -Wikipedia

    When I worked in an office, I would escape at lunch time with my camera to make photographs, usually of different aspects of the built environment. I was drawn repeatedly to commercial buildings, signage, engineering works, public spaces and, in this case, car parks. Always devoid of people, the scenes bear witness to human activity in the form of the marks we leave on the landscape. These pictures are strongly influenced by painters Jeffrey Smart and Richard Maurovic, in whose works I would regularly lose myself for hours at a time.