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Car parks

This series focuses on the urban environment, and how it can be represented, using underground and multi-storey car parks as subjects. These provide opportunities for strong visual design because of their highly geometric elements, but also the chance of capturing the more emotional aspects of their construction: abrasion, isolation, coldness and decay.

I approached this work in two contrasting but complementary ways: photographing from a distance using a short telephoto lens, and photographing close up using a phone camera. This was for both practical and aesthetic reasons. The optical characteristics of the resulting images vary greatly, and I wanted to explore whether the results could be brought together into a cohesive whole.
Untitled 1 (2011)
Untitled 2 (2011)
Untitled 3 (2011)
Untitled 4 (2011)
Untitled 5 (2011)
Untitled 6 (2011)
Untitled 7 (2011)
Untitled 8 (2011)
Untitled 9 (2011)
Untitled 10 (2011)